Are you a lover, or a hater? It seems the Menstrual cup has become a marmite purchase. I have been using the cup for a year now, and goodness knows how many sanitary towels I have stopped going into landfill waste. That for me is a massive bonus and makes me love this tiny little cup even more. Don't get me wrong the first month was a nightmare. I leaked the whole time, couldn't get comfortable with it and wondered if I'd made a massive mistake. However, I persevered (not one to give up easily). I know it worked for many others, so why shouldn't it work for me. I found out that I was actually being too cautious with it (basically I wasn't inserting far enough). So the next month I tried again, and I was absolutely over the moon that this time I didn't leak...not once 😍 and from that day on I had the knack and it wasn't a problem for me again. So here's my tips for using the cup: Get the right size for you, look at factors like • Your age • Length of you cervix • If you have a heavy flow • Flexibility and firmness of cup • If you have given birth vaginally I didn't cut the tail, I know a lot of people do, but I think if you have the right fit you shouldn't need to cut that tail as you won't feel it anyway. Wet your cup before you insert, bend it into a v shape and put the point toward the front. Insert the pointed bit in first and don't feel afraid you inserted too far. The tails should stick out a tiny bit. Wiggle it around until it pops open. You can then leave for 6 to 12 hours (no longer than 12 though). When removing hold the tail and pull until you can feel the rim of the cup, then punch it together with index finger and thumb to release any suction (sorry this is graphic 🤦‍♀️). And if it doesn't work the first month, try again the next month. Don't give up you'll get it. And remember that if you can feel it, it isn't in right. Otherwise, why not try reusable pads or underwear. There are other options to disposable now. Bit if you so use disposable, please please don't put them down the loo, wrap in toilet paper and put it in the bin 👍

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