Updated: Oct 14, 2019

So here are my tips for making your life easier for your return from holiday. Prevention over cure every time for keeping your home clean. These tips are always my go to before I go away. No matter how much of a mad rush the packing is, I always make sure these things are done, so that we don't come back to lots of work: 1. Empty fridge of anything that is going to be past its sell by date, and give to a family, friends or someone that is in need. 2. Hang dirty cloths and stained whites on the washing line so the sun bleaches them while you're away. 3. Change bedsheets. nothing like coming home to fresh bed sheets. 4. Cancel milkman. 5. Water house plants, or leave then in shallow trays with water. 6. Empty kettle (use the cooled water for the plants), and leave the lid off. That way the limescale won't buildup while you're away. 7. Empty the washing machine and leave the door and drawer open to dry out, this will stop it smelling and stop mould buildup (I always do this after every wash anyway). 8. Leave door open on dishwasher so it dries out. 9. Give the bathroom and kitchen a clean. That way you won't come back to work that needs doing. 10. Batch cook some meals and freeze them. That way you'll have food for dinner and won't have to go shopping right away. Or stock up on dried foods too, pasta and tinned food.

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