How difficult is it to shop low plastic in a supermarket? Or how easy is it? I would normally buy our fruit and veg from a green grocers in Lincoln, however sometimes I'm just not in that area (it's a 40 minute drive, my in-laws live there so generally tend to do this when visiting them). But how easy are green grocers to come by nowadays? After the introduction of supermarkets and the easy access one stop shop, a lot of green grocers sadly went out of business. I remember when I was a kid and you would always see a green grocers in any town, sometimes two. But people liked the convenience of the supermarkets, and with that their global takeover began! We as consumers did this! We the people! We fed the greed of those supermarkets and made it difficult for us as consumers to have any alternatives. So with that one stop shop came plastic wrapped fruit and veg! I mean seriously who was the bright spark that though plastic wrapped fruit and veg would be a good idea? Mushrooms that sweat under all the plastic! And cucumbers that look like they're wearing protection! Why do they need this unnecessary wrapping? Don't get me started on cauliflower and the ridiculous plastic bags they come in! What is that bag for anyway? It covers to bottom of the veg and not even the florets. It seems the supermarkets are being pushed towards supplying plastic free alternatives for their fruit and veg now which it great. I went into sainsbury's the other day and was absolutely delighted to see a cauliflower without the unnecessary plastic bag, in fact they didn't have an option to but them in plastic bags. Great news. I got a cucumber from morrisons the other week without that ridiculous cucumber condom, so things are looking good for the fruit and veg we buy. But what about the other things we purchase in these shops? When did the delicatessen start wrapping the cheese in plastic? Don't they already have a cheese section pre-packaged with plastic? We used to be able to ask the person behind the counter to cut the cheese for us, but sadly the quantity we want has been decided for us. And then there's the butcher and fishmonger counters. Yes you can take your own tubs for then to fill (which is something I do all the time now). But what happened to wrapping in paper? And then there are things that come in plastic wrapping and we just don't have an alternative within the supermarkets, and this has to fall to the manufacturers. Things like snacks, pasta, rice and sliced bread. These things need alternatives for the consumer, because quite frankly it isn't acceptable to only give the one plastic option. There is a crisp brand called Two Farmers that use biodegradable wrappers, so why can't this be done throughout the crisp manufacturing industry? And how about brown paper bags for bread? Why not wrap biscuit in cardboard boxes (without the plastic wrap inside the box). Pasta and rice, could have refill stations, I no this is being trialled in waitrose. So I guess I'm saying that supermarkets need to do more than just the plastic free option for fruit and veg. So come on, give the consumer what we want...a choice!

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