So last night I made a bit of a concoction. Chickpea, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and ginger, mixed with cumin, coriander and turmeric.

It was lovely, however I made a tad bit too much, but not enough to freeze and save for another meal. So what can I do with this? I didn't want to waste it, as that's something I'm trying to reduce. I'm pretty sure my old Nanny Charlotte who lived through 2 world wars and knew the importance of not wasting food, stepped into my kitchen and gave me the idea to blend it. So I did. I made a yummy hummus style dip.

I find myself thinking of my Nanny Charlotte who would be 113 years old now and gaining a lot of ideas from what she would've done back then. From using reusable cloths and cleaning them the way she would've. To cleaning my loo in the same way. Making something out of nothing for a slap up dinner. She never truly took to convenience of things, and I love that she did things old school. I learned a lot from my Nan, even though I only had 13 years with her (she passed when I was 13), she has made a massive impact on my life. Thank you Nan xx

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