1. Cleaning sink - rinse the sink around with water and simply sprinkle with bicarb, and then rub around with a damp cloth. You'll find it brings the marks and stains up nicely. Make sure you rinse off well so you don't have any residue.

2. Removing limescale from kettle - put some white vinegar in the bottom of kettle, leave for 30 to 60 minutes, then add water and boil kettle. To stop a big buildup, empty water each night (why not water plants with it or keep it for a homemade cleaner).

3. Spray some lemon juice on hard to shift water or tea stains and see it magically wipe away.

4. For burnt on grease try some table salt and lemon juice mixed to a thick paste, rub on the marks with fingers. This works well on baking dishes and oven doors.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more handy tips and hacks for natural cleaning in the kitchen. And remember the cardinal rule in natural cleaning....NEVER MIX BICARB AND WHITE VINEGAR TO CLEAN (they neutralise eachother, and cancel out their cleaning properties) Clean green and enjoy the fresh clean air.

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