Hello. Today I'm talking mould. The thing with cleaning in general is, ideally you want to prevent things rather than have to tackle them all the time. Mould is one of those things non of us like, and a lot of us get wrong in trying to rid it. Here are my tips for naturally getting rid, or preventing it. And what you should never ever use: PREVENTION - Be sure to air rooms (open windows), especially those that can get a lot of condensation (like bathrooms, kitchens and places the tumble dryers are kept). Make sure all furniture is away from walls and not write up against it, you need the air to be able to flow freely around furniture (if you can get your arm behind to dust, that is a good distance). If anything is left on the floor, be sure that they won't sweat, cardboard boxes are best left off carpets as they can sweat underneath and create mould patches. NATURE CAN HELP - Some plants can help reduce mould or mildew or the spores, here are a couple: Peace Lily and (perhaps my favourite) Spider plant, this is one of the best if you also use chemical cleaners as it reduces the toxins in the air after just 2 days. NEVER USE - Never use bleach to get rid of mould. The mould reacts with the chlorine in the bleach and sets off a toxic gas, it may remove it from sight on the surface, but it will actually still be alive underneath and will grow back. Mould on a porous surface will have roots (it's fungus remember, it has roots). NATURAL CLEAN TO REMOVE - Make a thick paste of bicarbonate of soda, Castile soap and a little water (toucan add a few drops of tea tree oil too). Rub into the area and leave for 30 minutes, then wipe off with a wet cloth. SPRAYS TO REMOVE AND PREVENT - There are two simple sprays you can make that will eventually kill the mould roots, and prevent regrowth in that area. For porous surfaces you will need 70% vodka and 30% cool boiled water, and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. Spray on the affected area leave for 5 minutes then wipe with a dry cloth. The Tea tree is essential as it is Antifungal and will eventually prevent the grow back of mould. PERSISTENCE - Keep going with the above remedies, and remember that prevention is always better than cure. Open those windows to let air circulate around your home, and keep furniture away from walls. I hope this has helped. I'll be back with some more tips, but if there is anything in particular you'd like let me know xx

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