Three years ago I made the decision to go natural. I had a cupboard under the sink full of toxic chemicals that I didn't want to use anymore. I decided for mine, my fiances and for my unborn childs health something needed to change.

So I bagged up the bottles and donated them to other people that still used them. I made my first cleaner, it was a mixture of white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and some essential oils (little did I know at that time the potion I made would fail). I soon learned that bicarb and vinegar neutralise the good strong cleaning properties. And that cleaner went out the window. I was also using plastic spray bottles, a no no with essential oils (the oils break down the plastic).

I did a lot of research into each of the main ingredients for natural cleaning and came up with lots of my own potions. I found a love for discovering what else I could make and create in the natural cleaning process. A love that lead me to changing our skin care. I now make potions for our skin and hair, and I have never felt so new. Yes I feel brand new, like I'm just born and have never had contact with any toxic concoction.

So yes my journey was a tough one, but was one I was determined I would do. I was not giving up after the first fail, I was getting back up and trying a different way. So now I am teaching others the natural living way and the things I've learned and love about being natural. My potions and lotions. I want to make it easy for other people, I don't want them to feel knocked back and like it's a constant struggle to find a cleaner that works. I want to make it a natural transition for people. This is my passion and I will continue to help others on their journey.

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