Something I am asked a lot is "how do I stop the mould buildup in my washing machine? So I thought I'd give you my best tips for preventing that buildup. Let me know in the comments if you have any more...but keep it natural 🌿

  • Clean the seal with a damp cloth every week to stop dirt and mould buildup.

  • Remove drawer and clean once a month with Castile soap and warm water. If you use detergent and softener, this may need doing more often.

  • Empty filter. Use tray and put hose in tray to catch water. Take filter out and wash.

  • Leave the door and drawer open after a wash until dry inside.

  • If you use an eco egg, take it out between washes too.

  • Run machine on its hottest wash once a month. Mould and bacteria can build up in the washing machine so this is a great way to counteract that.

And if you really need a cure. Try these tips:

  • Run on hottest wash while empty once a month, to stop any buildup and stop smells and germs. Or put 1 cup of white vinegar in detergent drawer and run on hottest wash.

  • Remove drawer and clean with white vinegar and water. Once drawer removed, don't forget to get inside the drawer section as this is where the mould can build up.

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