Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Whatever you believe, be it that climate change is happening, or that it isn't. You cannot agree that taking and destroying the world we live in is a good thing. Surely there must come a point when we as the human race look at earth and say "what have we done?" I am with those young people that are taking a stand. And instead of many adults feeling offended by their passion and anger toward the generations before them, they should be asking "why did my generation not have this passion when we were younger? Why didn't we take a stand?" So please don't judge them, they plead for our help. They are our children, they are our future, and I will stand with them in whatever way I can. I was reading a post in a wildlife group I'm part of on Facebook yesterday, and I was horrified at some of these so called "wildlife lovers" calling @gretathunberg brainwashed. I fail to see how she is brainwashed, and doubt they have done any kind of research in climate change other than listen to other ill informed people. I then went on another group I am part of, one that is based around my spiritual path, a path that is very earth centred, a path that communes with the energies of the earth and believes in Animism, I was absolutely horrified to see people in here talking in the same way! For the very first time I am extremely fearful, for our future. And I am fearful because people that respect wildlife, and those that connect with earth energies should know how the earth is feeling. It worries me that my faith in human kind is dwindling, and that my daughters future is in the hands of some of the most selfish and money hungry people this world has ever seen. And so I stand tall and proud and next to the generation that says "NO MORE".

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