A lot if people think that I practice natural for zero waste and to reduce the amount of plastic I am using...and I did but that came after....after the initial thought of what am I using in my home and on my body that may hurt my unborn child?

I love the earth and everything she gives us, and I am respectful of her every day. But I admit, she wasn't my driving force for this direction. It was one of pure and unquestionable love, the love I had for my baby that I was growing inside.

It's perhaps one of the scariest things, to grow a baby. All the emotions and the fear that you feel. I had a protective Mumma feel as soon as I did the pregnancy test and it said I was 3 weeks gone. That was it, I got rid of the chemical cleaners from our home. Don't worry I didn't throw them away, I gave them to family members. Something in hindsight I feel bad about now as it's like saying "I'm not going to use these as they're harmful. But you can". I know they would use them and would only go and buy them anyway.

So I started my journey to low tox living. First to go were the cleaning products, I knew that they had so many warning signs on them and that scared the hell out of me. Why would I use anything that told me it was hazardous?

That started my natural switches and the start of making my own. Making my own cleaning products, making my own skin care products. And luckily enough I do it in a way that also means I impact less on the earth and reduce my waste.

I feel that there is a lot of talk on plastics and waste and everyone is trying to change things to reduce the waste, which is fab. But what about those toxins? All the nasties that pollute the air and the waterways? "Harmful to aquatic life" isn't that what some of the cleaning products say? So why change the waste, but not the toxins? Surely the two go hand in hand?

If you're reducing your waste and going low tox for the earth and the damage it is causing, think again. Do it for the those reasons, but do it for something closer to your heart and closer to your home. Do it for your families and loved ones. Do it for the ones you love, because they are the daily reminder of WHY you're doing it.

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