Updated: May 31, 2019

At the beginning of the year, we made the decision to eat meat once a week, does this make me a flexitarian? No! It makes me a carnivore, something I've been my whole life. So why do we need a new label for someone that occasionally eats meat? What is the point of this label? Is it just another way of putting us in a box? Well I don't want it thank you.

I saw someone talking about being a "flexitarian", he called himself this because he reduced his meat intake to once a day. Once a day? How much was he eating before?

I do wonder what people that have made the choice to cut meat out altogether think of this label. Is it a way of making people feel better about themselves that they still eat meat?

Let me tell you now I am a carnivore, with a conscience. I happen to reduce my meat intake to once a week for these reasons:

  • It is healthier for me and my family

  • It is better on the purse strings

  • I am making a small difference to the environment

  • It makes me feel better that although I still eat meat I am eating less

  • I can buy better quality and organic meat as we have more money that has been saved

  • I can buy organic fruit and veg

I have a lot of respect for those that are vegetarian or vegan. Maybe one day I will make the change, however I am doing this tiny thing to make a bit of a difference. I don't feel I need any other label than "carnivore". I eat meat, I'm not a saint or an angel for reducing that intake and certainly don't require a title.

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