This photo is from a kids book I got for Evie. And it has some important messages, and this one rings so true. Since following Aja Barber on Instagram I have had my eyes opened wide to the world we live so blindly in. Do we live blindly? Or are we choosing to be blind? I honestly wonder. And it is something I've had to admit to myself. Maybe I was choosing to be blind to it all. As a privileged white woman I have had the luxury of living in a world that quite frankly is rainbows and fluffy clouds. Yes I have had tough times in my life, and have struggled with mental health problems, but my personal struggles were nothing compared to the daily struggles of others. POC have for centuries been the slave to white peoples greed. It's a greed for need. And I for one don't want any part of that. I don't want to be responsible for the deaths of people. And quite frankly it pisses me off that I have been part of that. Whether blindly or through naivety I have contributed to the death and destruction of POC for years. And so have you, privileged people reading this now. It's time we woke up, and rose up and said "no more". We as consumers need to take responsibility for the lives of others. We demand cheap clothes. It's our NEED FOR GREED, and we need to take responsibility that we are ruining peoples lives. Not just ruining. Destroying and killing them too! We need to open our eyes and ask ourselves if it is ok, that we are part of the problem. "It's the final consumer that steals from me." Said a Garment worker in Bangladesh. "Hourly quotas must be met. If they aren't they blame you and insult you. I feel exhausted. I can't take any more. But I have to carry on." Can you imagine that happening in our prissy little western world? Crikey we would have the law on them before they could scratch their arse! Everything we buy comes at a cost to someone in the world somewhere. One lady reported that they tried to stand up to management about the work conditions. In doing so the management locked them in and beat them, punching, kicking, using sticks to beat them and even scissors. And all because they wanted simple workers right! Only 10% of the clothes we donate to charity shops get bought. The rest shipped off to other countries for it to become their problem. I know of a charity shop @ageuk in my local town that actually throw the clothes away after 2 weeks if they haven't sold! The pesticides that are used on cotton are highly toxic and are causing cancer, and birth defects in regions that people grow it. The chemicals that are used for dying are washing into the waters where people bathe or drink. Would you accept this? No! Something that may cost you £5, may cost someone else their health, their family, their food, their lives. It may seem like a great deal to you, but at what cost? At what cost to other people? At what cost to the earth? A great "deal" for you, creates a "deal with it" culture. A culture that doesn't care. A culture that turns a blind eye to other peoples suffering. Rana plaza. Over 1000 people died in this garment factory, because conditions were so so poor. The building collapsed and killed them. A garment factory where clothes made for fast fashion were being produced. A lady in the documentary I watched said, "I don't want anyone wearing anything, which is produced by our blood". We are profiting from slavery every time we buy fast fashion or fast interior, or fast anything. If it is churned out cheap and fast it has come at a cost to someones life. And when they try to stand up for their basic human god, they cannot! They are beaten or even murdered. Cambodia garment workers rose up against the regime and at a huge cost to life! So when does it stop? I urge you to watch a documentary on YouTube called The Tue Cost. It is a pay to view documentary but it is so worth it. And another is HUMAN also on YouTube.

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