No more throwing away those lovely scrumptious potato peelings. They hold all the goodness of the potatoes you know, so why on earth do we just discard them? Aren't they just THE best bit when you eat a Jacket (baked) potato? That lovely crispy skin. I read that they have more potassium in them than bananas, did you know that? So I was extremely inspired to make a use for those skins that I used to discard when making mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes (I always keep them on when doing wedges). And when I saw the post from @mamalinauk I thought, heck yeah let's make crisps 😋 and here they are, lovely crunchy scrumptious crisps. This is my second batch and I just love making them...I even enjoy peeling potatoes now 👍 All you need to do is turn the peels in olive oil and spread out on a baking tray, I season with salt and pepper, and bake on 220deg to 240deg for as long as it takes to make that crunch. Go for it, try making your own you won't regret it and it definitely beats buying crisps and then throwing away those awful non recyclable packets.

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