Are you Eco friendly or Ego friendly?

It occurred to me lately that in a bid to lessen plastic waste, reduce meat intake, buy secondhand and not fast fashion, and natural clean, the country has become very split on how they spread the word.

I am on a mission to HELP people transition to the low tox lifestyle. When someone comes to me and perhaps hasn't made the leap yet because they have a cupboard full of products and don't want to waste them (as it'll add to unnecessary landfill waste), I help them and talk to them and understand why they are making the change. One thing I do not do is look down on them and think "well why haven't you made the change already? You're still using those harmful toxins". I completely understand that everyone has their own journey and it may not be the same as mine, but it is a journey and a positive one.

So my issue here is when "eco friendly" people sit themselves up high on a pedestal and look down on others for not doing what they are doing. Just because that Mum over there buys her kids clothes in Primark doesn't mean she isn't doing her own thing elsewhere to help the environment. She may use cloth nappies and may have reduced her plastic waste for all you know. And if she isn't doing anything, that is her choice and we have to respect that. She may be thinking about making a change and that thought will turn into a doing.

A few weeks ago we saw some nasty comments from both sides when the Pampers cheek test went out. Hundreds of people were up in arms for the wastage of these nappies, and in a bid to show Pampers they should've thought before doing this campaign, lots of cloth bum Mums posted photos of themselves doing the cheek test with cloth nappies. A fabulous site and a great message. However, this started a very nasty and bitter war of words between cloth bum Mums and disposable bum Mums. It really saddened me to see the abuse that was being hurled on both sides. What is wrong with you all? Why are you all arguing and fighting over something that needs a solution and not war? What are teaching your kids? That it's ok to abuse another person if they don't think like you?

I think all too often the ego can step in and sadly those that haven't yet made a change are in the firing line for bullying, harassment and abuse. This is NEVER ok! We are here doing our bit for the world and the environment. So instead of being an "EGO WARRIOR" be an "ECO WARRIOR" and teach people. Don't preach, don't judge, EDUCATE! You were that person once!

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