Why I started making my own Natural Cleaning Products

Hello and welcome to a natural future and a clean green lifestyle. 
Almost 3 years ago I fell pregnant with my baby girl. I was doing some natural cleaning, but not enough. I needed to ditch the bleach and get back to basics. I knew the toxic cleaners that we are conditioned to think we need were not good for my health and I didn't want to harm my unborn child with the fumes of those toxins (I had gone into full protective Mumma stage). 
I did a lot of research and found some fab books and online resources (and a lot of bad ones, the ones that tell you to mix vinegar and bicarb for its anti-bac qualities (a no no btw, they neutralise each other)). 
I never looked back once I'd started making my own, I found more and more to make up. I found that by using essential oils I could make up the recipes super quick and didn't have to wait weeks for them to be ready. Using the essential oils also gave me an added boost to the cleaning properties, they aren't just there to mask the smell of vinegar, they actually have lots of properties that can kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. 
And from there I moved on to natural beauty products. I wanted to create my own recipes for cleaning and beauty after learning more about the ingredients and how they work. And I now have some amazing recipes that I want to share with you all. 
So that's me, Naturally Mumma Jo. I have a home full of fresh clean air to breath, with no harmful toxins floating around. I love helping others find the natural lifestyle and it's my mission to get the word out about how great it is.

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